Our Story

Durable clothes for active children, who care for the environment.

Since 2017, Diana Pais, founder and creative of the brand, has had the mission to create clothes that resist the daily lives of children, that can be inherited and carry memories through generations.

If clothes tell a story it will be harder to throw it out.

Inspired by games and applying the principles of child development to aesthetics, it has a universe that is never static, promoting free play and stimulating all the senses.

The brand intends to go against the massification of the fashion industry, producing in small quantities and valuing longevity, manual work, sustainability and creativity. All pieces are designed and produced in Portugal, made from cotton from surplus textile factories. It works with certified suppliers, creating lasting relationships and guaranteeing that workers' rights are respected.

To make parents' lives a little easier and a lot more fun, to save money and give them quality time with their family. R3ady to Play is about more than convenience, it focuses on longevity, quality and value.

The Founder

My initial training is in Architecture and I have always tried to stimulate my creativity.

In 2012 I took a course in Cutting, Sewing and Modeling at Teatro D. Maria II. During that period I created a blog, Miss Castelinhos, as a record of what I was learning.

I realized the real cost of making a piece of clothing and shortly afterwards I discovered the Fashion Revolution movement and the documentary The True Cost, which opened my doors to eyes to the reality of the fashion industry and fast fashion. From that moment on I decided to be a more responsible consumer.

I also started making clothes for my children and with that came the desire to create a brand that reflected the values ​​I believe in, at a fair price.

The first mini-collection with up-cycling of merchandising t-shirts, which was well received.

In 2017 was the official launch of the Miss Castelinhos Handmade brand.

2021 marked the rebranding of the brand as R3ADY TO PLAY.