To be a more responsible brand, it is important to produce in smaller quantities and select the raw material in order to have the least possible impact.

Some pieces are made by me, in my studio in Setúbal. Larger orders are placed in sewing workshops or smaller confections.

The fabric comes from certified manufactures, production surpluses and dead-stock, so as not to waste economic and environmental resources.

It is also for this reason that the collections are limited and unique.

Why denim

Denim as a raw material is simple but effective. Its versatility and durability make it an essential staple in every closet. It also makes a great fabric for children's clothing. It's comfortable enough to wear every day, and tough enough to last for years to come.

Each of the R3ADY TO PLAY pieces is designed to grow with the child, with an elasticated waist, longer arms or legs that can be worn up and down as your children grow.

Elaborate products and designs don't last. R3ADY TO PLAY pieces are timeless, worn over and over again, and passed down through multiple generations.

If our clothes tell a story, it's harder to throw them away.

work with us

Partners and Suppliers


Malhas David Loureiro

Troficolor - Rua da Mabor 117, 4760-813 Lousado, Famalicão

José Luís Pinheiro Coelho - Armazém de têxteis - Rua Luvazim 77, 4815 Lordelo

Rofinor Texteis, Lda. - Rua Vila Carreiras nº 140, Carvalhosa


Atelier Ana Baltar - Rua Machado dos Santos, 2775-236 Parede

Conferoças Unipessoal Lda - Rua de Roças, 4750-403 Cossourado, Barcelos