Up-cycling or "upward" reuse, also known as creative reuse.

It is the process of using products, waste, parts that are apparently useless or destined for garbage, in the creation of new products, without disintegrating the part, in a different function from which the product or parts of it were initially designed.

The first collection, created in 2017, was made with discarded merchandising t-shirts. They were transformed into children's t-shirts, with a unique and original design. The up-cycling concept is rooted in R3ADY TO PLAY.

In early 2021 I presented a new collection, created from the transformation of donated denim pieces. Reuse is an intrinsic part of its history and a hallmark of fabric quality. Originally used to make workwear, it was common to mend it to prolong its lifespan.

denimUP intends to give new life to denim clothes, transforming them into new pieces. It is a circular collection made with donated denim pieces. Each piece of denim used is washed and separated before being cut into pieces of different sizes. The different pieces are sewn together to create a patchwork pattern. Each piece created is entirely unique and original.